Monday, November 19, 2012

Birth Announcement

It is really ridiculously expensive to buy/send birth announcements (at least if you order them from somewhere) but I ended up with an awesome coupon and got 25 announcements for almost free. But since 25 announcements doesn't go very far (we'll just get them to some extended family), here is a picture of it.

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We don't get internet at home anymore so I had to put them together really fast, but I think they're pretty cute. It was super hard to choose a picture of her, but this one won... all those little chubby skin rolls just make me smile. I think she's a doll and we love her to pieces!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Chicken-Lickin. Princess Pat. Cutie Patootie. Peanut. Little Tease. My Pretty Girl.

These are just a few of the weird names I find myself calling our sweet baby. Why do we do that, by the way? Bret mostly calls her Molly or Cutie. And I call her whatever comes out of my mouth. 

Bret is the best Dad ever. He is head-over-heels in love with her and has the magic touch. He is also the best husband and is very sweet about making sure that I'm recovering and adjusting okay. I love him more than ever as we step into our "parenting" shoes together.

She has long, skinny feet with talon-like toes. Her fingers are long and skinny too. I don't know where she can possibly be storing 8 pounds, but probably at least a pound of it is in her cheeks.

Her fist bath... not too bad! She always cries a little when we bathe her, but only because she gets a little cold. I think when we can actually put her IN the water she'll love it.

Bret always says that Molly and I are becoming a good "team." I didn't realize how much teamwork it really takes to mother a baby. Surprisingly, all the weight isn't on my shoulders to make sure she eats and sleeps well. She and I have to figure it out together, and while every day presents new challenges, we are learning fast and loving it.

She REALLY enjoys going cross-eyed. I don't like it so much... kinda freaks me out and I worry that she'll get stuck that way! But it is pretty funny!

My mom arrived about an hour after we got home from the hospital. Perfect timing. It was such a blessing for her to be here. She helped me gain a lot of confidence in my ability to be a mom. She has always been the perfect mom to me and I can't believe that she's now a grandma! It is crazy to think that someday I'll be watching Molly become a mommy too... I just hope time goes very very slowly. 

It is crazy how long we can sit and watch her do nothing at all. We love the faces she makes while she sleeps. And sleep is pretty much all she does, so we get to do a lot of watching!

We love you pretty girl, and can't believe how blessed we are to have you in our family. Our hearts are melting and we just can't get enough of you!