Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Vacation

Here's a sneak peek at some of the fun things we've been up to so far on our Christmas adventures...
(Bret and I decided to forgo the usual gift-giving this year and bought a nice camera together. Fabulous idea. We've had a blast learning how to use it!)

San Antonio Riverwalk with the Livesey and Jeppson families.
Our theme for Candy Houses this year was "Places in Utah". Bret and Carly chose the best place in Utah: the Salt Lake Temple. Luckily it didn't take them 40 years to build, although we started to wonder...
Jackson and Dad did this cool "remix" of Delicate Arch. 
Bret learned to sew! He made these scarves for my sister Abby. Carly and I were his models.

Date night to temple square to see the lights. So beautiful.

My beautiful house at Christmas time. My mom is so great at decorating.

Dad tickling Mae at my grandma's house on Christmas day. She sure loves her uncle Mike.
(Notice Jack's crazy hat  in the background. He wouldn't take it off.)

Skating on a frozen pond in Burley with Bret's siblings. A little scary but very fun.

Playing with the nieces and nephews we love so much. This is Kami, my little buddy. 
Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you are enjoying your holidays as much as we are enjoying ours. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Two Weeks Notice

This is the name of a great chick flick that Lauren and I used to watch together. She quotes it better than I do. Good show.

This is also what I will be turning in to the school district tomorrow.

say WHAT?!

Yup, the ballet was determined to find the budget to hire me on full time as the outreach coordinator and yesterday they officially made it happen. It has been approved by the board so I am officially "on board"! I can't wait to meet with the directors and go over details. I will finish out the last two weeks until Christmas break at Central and then start my new position at the ballet in January.

Heavenly Father has a big picture for us, and I'm grateful that He is letting me have this experience we have been working over a year to create. I know I will be able to use my skills to do some valuable things with dance here in San Angelo.

Birthday Season!

Bret is 26 years old.

Do you see Mario there... He and Bret have become good pals since that day!

We had birthday breakfast, opened presents, and played tennis (in our shorts and t-shirts!).
I also tried to throw a surprise party with some friends. We met at a park for homemade pizza and cupcakes. He wasn't as surprised as I expected, but it was still super fun!

I am 24 years young. 
Picture from last year... I'm still just as nerdy!
My seminary class found out that it was my birthday and brought cake (and muffins, and brownies, and more muffins)! My co-workers and dance students also found out and helped make it a great day. We went to Bret's school Christmas party and had fun with everyone. 
On Saturday Bret made me breakfast and took me out for dinner at "The Grill". 

Together we make 50, which is not significant in any way. I just wanted to show off my mad math skills :) Now we are excited to celebrate a birthday far more significant than our own, the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are grateful for Him and for all the things that become possible for our past, present, and future because of His atonement.

 Let birthday season continue!

Not Your Average Thanksgiving Day

This year for Thanksgiving we celebrated the same as last year... dinner at the church building with those whose families live far away. Everyone brought food to share and we had a delicious feast.

Then we went CAMPING with the Jeppsons. Yes, I know some of you are appalled... camping on Thanksgiving. But when you live in Texas where it is just beginning to feel like fall and your family is not around to be traditional with, YES, camping is the way to roll. We were going to go to this great campsite called Enchanted Rock about 3 hrs away (near Fredericksburg) but they are still under a burn ban. Our county lifted the burn ban but has no great campsites... but when it gets dark at 6:00, a campfire is a necessity.

So we found a camping area near the lake that was free (since it was offseason) and totally, eerily deserted (since normal people don't camp in November), located the ONE spot with a fire-pit, and set up camp!

We heated leftovers on the fire for dinner and made s'mores for dessert. After the kids went down for bed, Lori and I drove 2 minutes to the gas station to use the restroom (no trees, right next to a road... this isn't Utah) and then the adults hung out around the fire and chatted.

Bret and I had loaned out our air mattress and extra sleeping bags so we attempted to sleep right on the hard ground. We didn't really sleep much and were pretty achy in the morning. Bret was also feeling pretty sick and I think we were all a little cold, so we decided not to cook up the breakfast stuff we brought and just go home instead (considering home is 5 minutes away, we decided it was much easier than building another fire, etc.)

Overall, it was a blast and we loved hanging out with our friends around the fire on Thanksgiving!