Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pregnancy Thus Far

I had a checkup today and realized I haven't really written much about my pregnancy. There hasn't been much to write about. So, at 25 weeks, this is how I feel:


No, seriously! I feel very blessed to have been so healthy. Besides having my belly turn into a basketball (still in the process of inflating), my appetite increase, my 3 mile runs feel twice as long, and my dreams go on a psycho roller-coaster, I feel like my regular self. I visit the bathroom more often, I can't sleep as comfortably, and I catch myself getting more tired than usual if I'm up and about too long, but I feel like the changes are a cake walk compared to what most women deal with.

At my appointment today I measured exactly 25 centimeters (how cool is it that your belly measurement matches the number of weeks you are... I was pretty impressed with that little factoid), the baby's heartbeat was great and my blood-pressure and weight were great. I think I have been spoiled, but I'm certainly not complaining.

So far my favorite thing about being pregnant is feeling her move inside me. She is really gentle and never hurts me. I love the little reminders that she is really in there and that she's doing well. And what is my least favorite thing? Besides the nausea at the beginning of it all, just the sleep discomfort. What I am most excited for? Two things: First, watching this baby's daddy hold her and play with her and fall head over heels for her. Second, singing to her while rocking her to sleep. What I'm most nervous about? I know it is pathetic, but I'm still more nervous about getting an IV at the hospital than anything else. And the epidural shot. That's scary too. I wonder if it would just be better to go natural and avoid one more needle encounter... but I have a feeling I will be more than a little upset with myself during delivery if I go that route. In a few weeks I'll have my blood glucose test and maybe it will be a helpful step in getting over my needle issues.

And guess what? I still haven't taken a single prego-shot. I know some people that take one every week. I guess I should take at least a few pictures to document my growing mid-section, but it just seems awkward... "Hey honey, if I go get the camera will you take a picture of my stomach?" And thus, no fat pictures yet. But I'll try to remember to take one soon. (Ha, the baby just kicked! Yay! I love it!)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Zoo Day!

A guy in our ward was running for Attorney General of Utah and so on the day of the primary elections my mom offered to take his kids for a few hours to give his wife, who has been working tirelessly on the campaign, a rest. Jack and I came along and Suz and Grace decided to meet us there too. It was really fun!

It was fun watching my mom be a mom of little kids again.  I'm so lucky for her example.

The baby elephant was, no kidding, eating its mom's poop. We were horrified, but after asking the zoologist nearby we learned that elephants only digest about 10% of the hay they eat - the rest is only partially digested and then pooped out. It is even harder for babies to digest the food, so they often eat the parent's poop so to get the grass that is already partially digested so they are more likely to absorb the nutrients. Gross!

The boys were trying to act like monkeys. I think that makes Jackson the tree.

How much would you weigh if you were an elephant? We never found out. The scale was on the fritz, but it sure was fun to watch the numbers bounce all over the place.

Grace and Suz came with us. The new exhibit, Rocky Shores, was really neat. The sea lions and polar bears loved to tease the humans and be on display.