Sunday, June 27, 2010

They Ain't "Ghanas"!

Bret's quote of the day: "USA are gonners. England are gonners. But not Ghana... They ain't 'ghanas'!" Clever. (Incase you're confused, he's referring to the World Cup. Both England and USA were eliminated in this round. USA lost to Ghana, the only African team to advance to the quarter-finals.)

I'm happy to inform you that we ain't "ghanas" either. We both made it through an eventful Sunday.

Bret spoke in another ward with one of the High Council members. He refused to give me a pre-talk or a post-talk or tell me about the talk... but I'm absolutely confident he did a wonderful job and I can't wait until he gets called to speak again!

I made it through my first day as nursery leader. The kids were pretty good! I think the hardest part is getting them to calm down when they come in. If one kid starts crying for his mom then they all start crying! I'm going to brainstorm some ways to distract them when they come in.

Nope. Not "ghanas" and going strong. We have high hopes for this coming week... hopefully it will include a job for me and an A+++ for Bret's anatomy exam. Cross your fingers!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Suprise... Scholarship!

Bret finally found out that he will be recieving a great scholarship beginning next semester! Wahoo! He was told with much confidence that if he chose to attend Angelo State he'd qualify for the scholarship. However, his class ended up being an exceptionally well-qualified group and Bret ended up the next in line. The program director has worked hard to get another scholarship but the university's scholarship department has been somewhat "under construction" so we've been waiting for a long time, unsure whether or not they'd be able to make it work. Yesterday the email came and we couldn't be happier. I am so proud of Bret and am so grateful to our Heavenly Father. We are so blessed.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just Happy - 10 Reasons Why

#1 - Bret. I know 11 days isn't long, but I sure missed him and love having someone give me a hug first thing in the morning.

#2 - Visiting Teaching. I was scared. I had never met the sister we were going to teach. I knew she was just starting to come back to church and I was going to give the lesson. We ended up just chatting for about an hour and needed to let her go before we ever got to a lesson. She is a sweet woman and a wonderful mother. I really look forward to becoming friends!

#3 - Isner seems like a decent guy. I've been keeping tabs on Wimbledon, especially the "epic" battle mentioned in the previous post. Today John Isner (USA) won the match and I liked his attitude and answers in his after-interview. I just felt so sorry for his opponent Mus....? Can you imagine playing 138 games in one set and then loosing. But I was happy for Isner and both of them should be proud.

#4 - Dana. She was the dental assistant who really took me under her wing as I observed/work interviewed at Dr. Henson's dental office today. I love the office atmoshere: friendly, Christian radio station playing, exciting. I would really love to get the job. My only fear is that I know so little about teeth. It would be a lot to learn, but I am secretly aching to study and learn so it would be great, just some stress of wanting to be perfect from the get-go.

#5 - MapQuest. How did our parents live without it?

#6 - Ryan, Jess and AnnaBelle. I was hired to tutor AnnaBelle in math twice a week. (For those of you who know how much I hate math, rest assured that I am still pretty capable of 3rd grade material!) Her dad has been so generous and grateful... it has given me lots of confidence. AnnaBelle is shy but we're gonna be great pals. Her step-mom has the same running shoes that I just got so I like her too.

#7 - Frozen pizzas. For $2 you can enjoy a semi-delicious, totally fattening, partially filling meal that takes zero effort and only 10 minutes. Sweet.

#8 - People who ask for help. Natalie and Dan asked Bret and I to watch Matthew for the night... actually just be there while he was in bed. I'm so glad they know they can ask. I actually got to hang out with the little guy for a while when he woke up and wanted to read some more books.

#9 - Blogs. I love reading thoughts from my friends and family that remind me to be more adventurous, show love more often, look for hidden opportunities and take time to be grateful. Don't worry - I don't spend all day living vicariously through reading about others' lives, but I truly appreciate the thoughtful insights you share.

#10 - Bret. I love hearing him sing Jack Johnson and watching him study (while I continually try to distract him). I love getting a hug last thing before going to bed.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today we witnessed part two of an "epic" battle in the world of tennis. I don't know all the stats but many records were broken, including longest game ever played and most aces in one game. I'm excited to see how it turns out tomorrow!

Watching Wimbledon made me remember how fun it was to be there 2 years ago. Here are just a few of my pictures. The one of Serena playing on Center Court wouldn't upload, but I promise... I was there!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rockin' and Rollin' with the Richards

I spend the last 11 in home-sweet-Utah. Two of my best pals got married: Becky Daynes Gunderson and Jocelyn Schmidt Mattheson. Both had beautiful weddings and were just glowing afterwards. Beautiful dresses, beautiful receptions... the only thing not so beautiful was the weather. Both got super unlucky and had rain and COLD weather for their outdoor wedding receptions. Luckily everything worked out and the rain stopped just in time for each one.

I also got to hang out with my busy family. Carly had violin camp, Jack had tennis lessons, Abby had dance and Youth Confrence, Drew had teenager stuff, Dad had work, and Mom had a family to keep tabs on. To top it off, my mom, dad and Drew plus the rest of the Wood family ran the Ragnar relay race from Friday morning through Saturday afternoon. We had a great time, regardless of the business! Here are the highlights of my trip:

Baptisms with Abby and Carly (her very first time!)

Picnic with Jack and Eliza

Visiting Suz, Mae and Grace

Watching the family finish the Ragnar

Going running (and getting treated to some new running shoes!)

Hanging out with Lauren, Heather and Melissa (Bee was a little busy getting married)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

One and Counting...

Number of hours I slept last night: 8

Number of hours Bret has been napping on the couch: 2+

Number of jobs I have applied for: 27 (that I can remember)

Number of tennis hits returned yesterday: more than usual

Number of tennis hits missed yesterday: a lot

Number of cookies Bret and I ate in 24 hrs: 12

Number of miles I like to run: 3

Number of children in Nursery: 18 and rising

Number of weddings I'm attending next week:2

Number of misquito bites I got last night: 6


That's right. One year ago today Bret and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Time flies! We can honestly say that in our first year of marriage we have had zero fights and a million "I Love Yous". Life isn't perfect but we make each other laugh and smile. We are so far from perfect but we are perfect for each other. We've had a great year one and are excited for an eternity of years to follow!

Monday, June 7, 2010

When it's 105 degrees outside... is awesome. That's right, this weekend the weather got up to 105 degrees. Humidity is not too bad, but we notice it. However, despite the scorching weather we had a fantastic weekend. It was just what I needed.

On Friday I went to the pool. I ended up sitting akwardly close to this older, chubby man who was (against pool rules) drinking and smoking. It was ok until eventually everyone had left but us. Luckily a few minutes later a girl my age came in and we got chatting. She is newly married and her husband is doing work for the military. It was so nice to have someone my age in my situation to talk to. We exchanged numbers when I left and who knows, maybe we'll actually have some friends at our apartment complex!

Friday night was great because I watched "Ever After." I'm having a sudden craving for chick flicks and musicals. Bret doesn't particularly appreciate this craving, but at least it means he can semi-study while I watch.

On Saturday we were lazy all morning. Then, just when the temperature peaked, I decided I felt like going for a run and meeting Bret at the pool. BAD IDEA. 105 degrees + no water + no shade = side aches, mega sweat and fear of passing out. However it made the pool extra nice and Bret and I had fun swimming together.

Next it was off to the Lake Nasworthy (it's 3 minutes from our apartment and ASU has an area completely reserved for students) for a Physical Therapy BBQ that the second year student threw for the first years. I got to meet Bret's classmates and eat some delicious brisket and hot dogs. It was so hot that eventually many of the students decided to go see a movie (one that Bret and I would definately not go to see) and I was a little bummed because I was having so much fun being out and about, but then two of his friends suggested that the four of us go play tennis. Wahoo!

Maddie and Grant were perfect people to play tennis with. They returned half the balls and missed half, just like us (ok, just like me!). We had a blast and were so grateful that they would invite us. I think I must be a little deprived of human interaction because on the way home I kept telling Bret, "We should invite them to come over to eat... to go swimming... to watch a movie... to play games..." Needless to say I was happy to meet some new people.

Sunday was fun too. I just got called as a nurserey worker (yay!), but then found out that I'm really going to be the nurserey leader in a couple weeks (yikes!). I'm the only one in there without children and I have NEVER been in nurserey before, but I know that I'll be able to do it and that eventually I'll really enjoy it. Maybe I can call Bret as another nurserey worker... that would be fun!

Final good news of the weekend: while Bret was at stake priesthood meeting (an hour away in Abeline) I finished my paintings for the wall. They're kind of bold and crazy, but it was a fun project and only cost 6 bucks and many hours, which lukily, I had plenty of. If we decide we don't like them, no real loss. So here is our house... COMPLETED!

I'm sure we'll contiue to think of ways to make it look nicer, but we're happy that it feels like home!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Search is STILL On

Update: The job search is still on. I have now officially applied for 20 jobs.

One of those applications happened months ago by fluke and resulted in a job at the San Angelo Civic Ballet . The director, Meghan Bridgeman, danced professionally with a few companies and was about to move to LA when she got asked to be the guest artist for the Nutcracker at the Civic Ballet. I don't know all the details, but I think she just fell in love with it and decided that this kind of lifestyle would bring her a lot more stability and (as she said it) "peace of mind." I am thrilled to be working with and for her and think that I will learn a lot from her. The only downside is that it doesn't begin until the Fall and I will only have 4 classes until January when I will get about 8.

One application doesn't have to be accepted by anyone! I am qualified to be a substitute teacher and as long as I attend an instructional meeting at the end of summer I can teach. They will even honor my Utah certification and pay me as a licensed sub.

As for the other applications, there are a few I am genuinely interested in. I'd love to work as a secretary or aide in one of the public schools here. This would also work really well with my dance teaching schedule. I'd like to work at a furniture store and am just waiting for them to start hiring this week. There is a dental office where I applied to be an assistant. I don't have any experience or training but the ad just said "experience preferred" so I figured what the heck. I really liked the atmosphere of the office and was impressed with the friendliness of the staff. Maybe my comments about my dad being an orthodontist can give me some pull there???

This job hunt is a little frustrating, but it has had some benefits. First, it has made me realized how blessed I've been in the past. I've done some job searching before, but more often than not, job opportunities have come to me. I've been a little spoiled having jobs that were exactly what I wanted to be doing... teaching dance at Children's Ballet Theatre, Orem Dance Theatre and BYU Creative Dance and now San Angelo Civic Ballet, teaching aerobics for BYU, teaching 4H clubs and running summer camps with my best friend. How lucky am I?! Someday I'll get to have the most desireable job ever, being a mom, so what I do now really isn't that important. I love that country song that says, "You don't have to make a million, just be thankful to be workin'. If you're doin' what you're able, puttin' food there on the table, everybody for the family that you love... that's something to be proud of." I'll be grateful for any job I can get.

Second, it has given me lots of time to do crafts for our home. I finally made pillowcases, which I've been planning to do for a year. I'm almost done painting two pictures for our living room wall.

Third, I have been running a lot. It makes me feel accomplished. Plus, without dance, aerobics or teaching right now I've gotta do something to stay active! It's given me a chance to explore our neighborhood... and I LOVE IT! It's beautiful here.

For those of you who actually read this... I warned you it would be long and boring! But I needed to write this all down and share it. I'm grateful to be in Texas with Bret and even though there are some glitches in getting a job right away, I'm grateful for these learning experiences.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Totally Wardle Weekend

Lucky us! We got to spend the whole weekend together! Here are the highlights:
1. Watching "Where the Wild Things Are." This is not a highlight because it was an exceptional show but because it made us laugh so much. It was bizarre... we don't reccommend it...but it was kinda funny watching it together.
2. Church. We felt like we started to get to know some people in our ward. The sacrament talk was great and was given by my new visiting teaching companion, Robyn Becker. She's pregnant, but currently the only other woman in the ward without children. So for 4 months we are kind-of in the same boat. She teaches biology and seminary so we got to talk a little about teaching stuff which I always enjoy.
3. Our walk along the Concho River. This river winds back and forth throughout the city but we went to the part that passes through downtown.

Isn't he handsome! I sure think so.

San Angelo Visitors' Center

Bret made me look right at the sun! Squinty eyes!
There are rams all over the city painted different ways. They remind me of a town in Germany that had painted cows all over.
Cool area by the Museum of Art. Bret's favorite was the checkers board in the rock.
Right outside the museum.
We took this picture of TX for those of you who are still wondering where San Angelo is. We liked the pictures!

4. On Memorial day I went for a great run in the middle of the day and realized how lucky we are to live in the greatest part of town. The neighborhood we live in and those adjacent to ours are really nice. Most of San Angelo is nice, but we are grateful to be where we are. In the afternoon our friends, the Kings, came over to our apartment complex for some swimming. We didn't bring our camera with us at ALL that day, but we wish we would have. Their son, Matthew (2yrs) is adorable and is becoming my new little buddy. He was a little nervous about the water at first but ended up loving it. Then it was off to a little spot by the less popular of the two beautiful lakes here for some tin foil dinners and crock pot desserts. The Beckers were nice enough to invite the Kings and us along with the Clemens, the Skidmores, the Strattons and the Hootens. We look forward to getting to know all those families even better. Again, wish we had our cameras because it was a beautiful site and such a perfect way to spend Memorial day. The only note we'd make for next time: hitch a ride with someone who has a truck... the off-roading drive into the spot for dinner was a little rough on the Kings' car!

Here's a video from our river walk: