Friday, May 28, 2010

Bring on the GREASE...

Last night for dinner I learned how to make FRENCH FRIES. Mmm... they were really good, but after seeing how greasy they were I just couldn't enjoy them as much. However, I was pretty pround of my new cooking skill. I'll have to try a healthier recipe next time.

On the topic of food, we got to be judges of the pizza-making contest at Boy Scouts on Wednesday. Someone asked Bret if he and I would do it during Priesthood on Sunday and you know how much Bret loves pizza. We didn't meet many people, but the pizza was good... especially the fruit pizza with cream cheese frosting stuff... now that's my kind of pizza!

Running... out of things to do

MORNING: I wake up around 7:45 because Bret and I have gotten into a terrible habit of staying up late and sleeping in. I go running. 3 miles. I don't stop to walk. The weather is perfect in the mornings and our neighborhood makes me feel safe and happy. I secretly wish the occasional people I see watering their lawns or walking their dogs would stop and talk to me. I need some friends. I come home, eat, shower, read from the D&C (doesn't summer-time make you want to learn about the Mormon Pioneers?), and drive Bret to school.

AFTERNOON: My mood is a perpetual rollercoaster: determined, bored, excited to be out of the apartment, tired of running futile errands, discouraged, excited, motivated, lazy, hungry, indecisive... it just jumps around constantly. I do basically 5 things: search for and apply for jobs; search for lamp-shades that are cheap and fit our unique lamps; eat lunch... and snacks; beautify our home (or attempt) by hanging pictures, sewing pillowcases and trying other crafty projects; computerizing... I guess this usually begins as a job search but turns into email, blog, facebook (I knew I shouldn't get it) and trying to clean files from my computer.

EVENING: Yay! My wonderful husband is home. Halleluiah! I love picking him up from school and having someone to talk to. He is such a good friend and is so considerate of the fact that this move is a little different for me than it is for him. We chat, check ESPN and HGTV (which he admitted is a really fun station to watch!) and eat a cookie. He studies while I make dinner. After dinner I always find some sort of project to get wrapped up in and he bounces back between the NBA Playoffs and anatomy. Eventually we realize how late it us, read scriptures and fall asleep... Bret on top of the covers, me underneath (I'm adjusting to the heat a little better than he is, I think).

This is our life here in little San Angelo, TX. In case this sounded negative, let me assure you that I'm so glad we're here and I know all the pieces will fall into place soon and I'll feel settled. I worry about not making any money (jobless) and not having any social life (friendless) but its made ok by the beautiful trees and sunshine, the birds who chirp outside our windows (really- there are tons of them), our great apartment, the "Christian Rock" radio station announcer (she makes me laugh but usually I like her thoughs) and the best husband in the world. Life is good.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seventeen Again

I spent the day doing basically two things: applying for jobs (I think I filled out 5 applications today) and trying to beautify our home. However, during my projects I got asked a very sensative question... TWICE:

"Are you 18?"

Yes I am thank you very much. I have a college degree and I have been married for a year. What do you think about that?

The first man who asked was the manager of Dillards, where I was trying to fill out one of the many job applications. He was nice about it, but a few minutes later he asked, "So are you in school?" When I told him I had just graduated COLLEGE he still seemed a little suprised but then tried to make up for his mistake by praising how great that was to be a college graduate. I thought it was funny and told Bret about it, but there was no real damage done.

However, later that night I was at the checkout at Wal Mart when the cashier asked me, once again, if I was 18. I said yes. She looked skeptical. I asked if she needed to see ID. She did. I was buying some lamp shades, a piece of foam board, and some furniature repair markers. Nothing sketchy, nothing dangerous, nothing that requires being 18. So not only was I irritated that she thought I was so young, but even if I was 17, why should she have to ask? As she handed me my reciept she told me to keep it handy because the guy at the door might ask me the same question and want proof of purchase. Seriously?

I feel young, stupid and like I'm 17 again. Well, it's past my high-school bed-time so peace out.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Adventure Begins

We have made our GRAND ENTRANCE into San Angelo, TX. Actually, our entrance wasn't that grand. We drove about 11 hours on Sunday in perfect weather and stopped for the night in Santa Rosa, NM. We had a great time and decided we liked road trips a lot. But Monday changed our minds just a bit. The weather was gloomy and we heard about lots of storms but it wasn't until we were 45 miles from our destination that the crazy storm started. We pulled off the road 4 different times because the rain was so heavy and the visibilit was so bad. Here's a little insight:

My mom said that she hear the name "San Angelo" on the national news for the first time when they talked about the dangerous storm from "San Angelo, TX to Denver, CO." I guess that in some places they had quarter-sized hail. I think Heavenly Father was watching out for us because if the little bit of hail hitting our windshield was any bigger it would have busted Bret's extremely cracked windshield and we would have gotten cut and then flooded! Luckily we made it safely and by the time we got settled in the weather was sunny and nice.

We were so nervous to see our apartment (for those of you who don't know, we had never seen ANY pictures as they had no website - potentially very sketchy but we had heard good things). However, the apartment was AWESOME. We were so relieved and felt like we definately got upgraded. It is still a 1 bed/1 bath but the rooms feel bigger, brighter, and newer. There is a real-sized shower, a real-sized closet, and a real-sized oven. We get the additional bonuses of two patios, a dishwasher, a disposal, a bathroom counter and a washer and dryer (which we had in our old place but still feel is a bonus).

Everything is clean and besides one spider, one mini roach, one potato bug and a small lizard, our apartment is pest free. (Bret found a tiny lizard in our apartment on the first day. It kind of freaked me out until I saw how freaked out IT was... then I just felt sorry for it.)

Our truck of stuff was supposed to come on Wednesday but came Thursday. Our friend, Dan King, who will be starting the same PT program as Bret and just graduated from BYU, was nice enough to come help us haul our stuff inside. We REALLY appreciated his help and know it would have been a lot harder without him. We got most of our stuff organized that night but there are still some things that haven't found a home yet. We keep wondering how and why we have so much stuff. I can sum it up in two words... Wedding Showers. Thank you to all the people who have filled up all our kitchen cupboards and closets. Sometimes I think, "When will we ever have a place to put all these silver bowls and fancy serving dishes?" But we feel so blessed and have realized that a lot of what we own was given to us by family and friends. Thanks for taking care of us!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Scent of Pine-sol

The last two weeks have sped by. Bret and I successfully moved everything out of our apartment and into 6 feet of space on a semi-truck. Now our house is empty but for an air-mattres, a few bags, a toaster and some food. It smells strongly of Pine-sol (which I kind-of like) and feels smaller and lonelier. We're so excited to move on Sunday! Our plan is to stop in Albuquerque, NM for the night and make it to San Angelo, TX the next evening. I have applied for some jobs in dental offices and have a part-time job at a dance studio lined up for the fall. I wish I could get a job at the high school. Bret is anxious to get to Angelo State and talk to the financial office who has been vague, confusing, and often unreachable as we try to figure out scholarships and loans. We're ready to start our adventure!